[GUIDE] Best way to Upgrade Builder Base in Clash of Clans 2018

COCWIZ presenting you the Best guide to upgrade builder base in open clash of clans. Clash of Clans is one of the best Multiplayer Online Game. Builder Base was introduce to Clash of Clans and is a great alternative to the home base. Go to Night Mode Clash and build your base from the ruins. Builder's Base is competitive, different, and tons of fun. The Guide to upgrade Builder Base in Clash of Clans will help you to finding the best upgrade plan for your Builder Base. The idea i am going to share is all about my experience in clash of clans.

open clash of clans

The Builder Base is accessed by clicking the boat at the bottom left of your main base in the water (You return to your main base the same way, by clicking the boat. The game revolves around the idea of fortifying a base, defending it from invading players and their clans, and raiding the bases of others in order to gain resources and start the whole process over again. The gameplay is addicting, and because logging off means leaving your base wide open for a raid, the game's top players stay glued to their screens.
"Clash of Clans" is a free app, but you can also play some extra money to them for additional features. This is a "freemium" model. It's free to play, but you could end up paying a premium. Players are always tempted to pay real-world dollars for the virtual in-game currency, gems, to help get ahead in the game. For example, if a player wanted to upgrade their base to match Tyrael's, it would cost them just shy of $12,000. The Gems is everything in this game.

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Clash of Clans Builder Base

Everyone is Playing Clash of Clans normal game. There was one update coming in some days ago from Supercell. This update was related to Builder Base. Already peoples are taken too much effort to make the normal base powerful. Due to this new update peoples are getting bored and leaving playing clash of clans. We will help you to join this game again. By our best and simplest guide to upgrade Builder Base in Clash of Clans. Let us know what actually is Builder Base in Clash of Clans.

 Guide to Upgrade Builder Base in Clash of Clans
This exciting new land is run by the Master Builder. He’s your only Builder on this side of the sea, but his superior smarts have help him develop some awesome new advancements. Once you make it to Town Hall 4 at your home village, you can rebuild the boat and set sail for the other side. Things work a little differently in this realm. For starters, the Builder Base is powered by different resources. The elixir and gold you collect over here can’t be used in your home village, but Gems will cross over. And a brand new world means brand new achievements. Complete them all!
Here you have one Master Builder and a new location for a separate base. Where you can battle 1vs1 for Trophies and winning loot prizes. Currently you can get up to six win rewards every 24 hours. You can get more, but it means using Gems. Understandably many users are already frustrate with this limitation so who knows. In the future, SuperCell may do something about these limits.

What's New / Different:

The Builder Base is all based around the Versus Battle. This is the area you use for 1vs1. You may have mines and collectors but most of your resources will come for battles. All of your resources can be used to upgrade your troops/base as it does not cost anything to create troops or to battle. Resources gained from battling will be from a 'Win Bonus' and then a '3x Win Bonus' which you can gain once per day. Once you have won 3 matches you cannot gain any more resources from battling on that day. The Win Bonus works similar to the Star Bonus in your home village.
Switch troops! Every army camp houses a single type of troop, Not a Capacity (so you need 2 army camps before you could take more than a single type of troop to battle). Each troop will take 1 minute to cook irrespective of what it is. When you find an opponent you will have 1 minute to scout the base before you attack. Within this time you can switch your army freely to anything you want in order to customize your composition to the base instead of having a pre-built army – cool right! This is also explained under the 'Attacking' section.
There are no any spell in builder base. Every troop has special abilities. Each level upgrade will provide increased benefits to a specific area whether that be hitpoints, special ability or increased number within a camp. These are described in the 'Troops' section. The Master Builder is able to visit your home village to 'gear up defences'. Currently you can turn one cannon into a double cannon. When you unlock the Battle Machine and level it to level 5 you gain access to the hero ability.

What you can unlock at each builder hall level?

Here is the list of what you can unlock when you upgrade your town hall level to next.
Level 2: At level 2 you will have available the Raged Barbarian and Sneaky Archer as troops. Defences available include Cannon, Double Cannon, Archer Tower, Walls and Push Trap. You can also build 2 army camps at this level.
Level 3: Troops unlocked include the Boxer Giant and Beta Minion along with a 3rd army camp. Defenses unlocked include the Hidden Tesla, Firecrackers, Crusher, Spring Trap and Mine.
Level 4 – Troops unlocked include the Bomber and Baby Dragon along with the 4th army camp. Defences unlocked include the Guard Post, Air Bombs and Mega Mine.
Level 5 – The Battle Machine (your Builder Base hero) is unlocked with ability once it is upgraded to level 5. Defensively you unlock the Multi Mortar.


  • Enraged Barbarian
  • Sneaky Archer
  • Boxer Giant
  • Beta Minion
  • Bomber (NEW TROOP)
  • Baby Dragon
  • Cannon Cart (NEW TROOP)
  • Battle Machine


  • Cannon, Hidden Tesla and Spring Traps
  • Double Cannon
  • The Archer Tower
  • Firecracker
  • Air Bombs
  • Mine and Mega Mine
  • Crusher
  • Multi Mortar
  • Push Trap
  • Guard Post
  • Walls

CoC Builder Base - General Mindset

The Versus battle don't cost you anything, neither in training troops and nor in the loot that opponent can be taken from you. Also on the other side you will get per day 3 victories, Which will give you Gold and Elixir that you can use to upgrade. Now, These are the some common terms you should need to understand. Behalf of this you should need to think over the trophies, because the higher you get, the more daily loot you can get from doing Versus Battles!
I seen many times that peoples are doing versus battle when they are upgrading something on their base. This is not the smartest decision as this will cause them dropping a lot of trophies that will result in lower daily loot in the future because they have to climb back the ladder. So below is the strategy or guide to upgrade Builder Base in Clash of Clans:
  1. Always make habit to upgrade something when you have reached your daily loot cap.
  2. Sit out for at least two days to save up an additional loot cap.
  3. As soon as you completed the update go back to your previous trophy number.
In addition, you should ALWAYS use your Clock Tower Boost even if you don’t attack, as it will take a lot of time off the clock for your upgrades & lab research:
  • Builder Hall 3:  3.5 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 4:  4.2 hours/ day extra
  • Builder Hall 5:  4,9 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 6:  5,6 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 7:  6.3 hours / day extra
  • Builder Hall 8:  7.0 hours / day extra

Upgrading Your Builder Base Quick

First thing is that, Upgrading your builder base is you can do very great. Your builder base is not directly connect to Home Village but it will help you to improve your home village also. So better to update or upgrade it very quickly. It will help you to gain the ability to gear up your defenses in your Home Village. Now we can discuss about some of the points which may help you to Upgrade your builder base in Clash of Clans. So, Without wasting time, Let's see how to do.

Should we Rush our Base or not?

Many peoples have this question right? “Rushing” basically means upgrading the Town Hall before upgrading every single buildings,walls and troops you have.
For e.g. Town Hall 6 with level 2 walls or level 3 cannons.
Rushed Town Hall
The problem with this kind of bases are:
  • Defense becomes too weak.
  • You cannot increase your trophies i.e. you remain at lower leagues because your troops are not powerful enough.
  • Get raided too often and most of the time your opponents will get 3 stars against you.
  • Resources get looted too often.
  • Players will not respect you and will not want to include you in their clan.
  • Clan leaders will not include you in clan wars.
First of all, the Builder Hall won’t let you upgrade before you build all the buildings for that level. If you rush your town hall then it is very week from Base side. Anyone can come and loot you easily. If you are playing wars then also it will be easy to damage you 100%. So having a higher Builder Hall Level will give you the advantage of having more attacking power plus additional defenses that will result in more victories.


I would suggest you that not to give a shit to defenses. After that provided cannon,don't build any defenses or upgrade that one too.Keep building storage's and upgrading them.Unlock troops in barracks and upgrade those in Lab.
You will find difficulties farming those bases,but trust after after you max out to townhall10,with King And Queen 40. You would get a huge benefit in war. Because in war position you would positioned in last for your level 1 canon,and there you can clear any top bases.
For better use of this I would suggest our clan rule for doing war,that always attack under 2 step of your mirror base(if you have any rush id included in war) so that all can bring 3 star and with your rush id you can clear 1st and 2nd bases.
  • Its hard to maintain dark elixir as there is no defences
  • You have to be choosy while doing farming attacks because primary goal is to use less elixir and getting more loot
  • It needs lots of patient to maintain this base
  • You can not go for higher leagues, because at lower leagues like silver-III and bronze you can get more loot and lower town hall


  • In a war this base placed after level-6 town hall almost at last position
  • This gives you one more chance to attack to your opponent’s town hall 9 war bases, you can attack on higher number instead of mirror
  • Your mirror opponent and near neighbour opponent can not make it 3 star
  • For now I am doing air attacks (Lavaloons or Dragaons) and will do ground when I reached to Town hall 11
  • This base gives you one more chance to attack on opponent which is not 3 star by you from main base

Succeed in Builder's Base ?

Everyone is playing in normal way in Clash of Clans. They are forgetting their some of the minor mistakes here i will cover some of the important from them. So that when you can attack on someone or making your base. You will knew these things already.

Beginning with Builder' Base:

  1. Open CoC, Go to the left side of your screen and click on boat. This will move your base to Builder Base.
  2. Rebuild your builder hall and begin putting down your basics. If your opponent can drop troops on your cannon and take it down, you will be doomed because you won't have anything to defend your BH.
  3. Do the Attack on somebody else. In new Builder Base, You can do the attack at same time when they do on your. Whoever gets the most stars wins. If you both have the same amount of stars, the percentage will be the decider. Most of the time in the early stages, you will get a three star or no stars. Later on, a 70%-80% two star will be almost sure to get you the win. One trick is there guys, Drop all your Barbarians on the cannon for your first attacks. This will guarantee you the victory.
  4. Always make habit to upgrade your troops and barracks. Upgrade your BH when you have enough gold. This will unlock the double cannon, archer tower, and eventually, the crusher and firecrackers making your base a lot stronger. Get your master builder to work on the defensive upgrades to make your base fortified.
  5. Rebuild your Gem Mine and Clock Tower whenever you want. The clock tower will provide you the 5 mins to upgrade everything is in boost. The gem mine gives you about 2 gems a day at level 1. This only boosts your gem production by a little so it isn't very important. So, Above are some of the tricks to just giving speed up to upgrade Builder Base in Clash of Clans.

Offensive Strategies:

 Builder Base- Offensive Strategy
  1. Choose best troop combinations: This will help you because every base has different weakness. Some base are good for Ground attack and some for Air Attack. So, find out their weaknesses and attack on them.
    Train barbarians at first.
    Unlock archers and boxer giants by upgrading your Barracks. Use these with the boxer giants in front to tank the towers. Use 1 camp of boxer giants and 1 camp of archers.
    Upgrade your baby dragons once you unlock them.
    Use bombers and barbarians to break into your opponent's base. Be sure to avoid the crusher because it'll destroy your attack.
  2. Use Bombers most time: Most bases have holes leading to the Crusher. Make your own holes so that your troops don't go where your opponent wants them to go. This we need to keep into mind when we do the attack.
  3. Keep some troops: If the BH only has a sliver of health left, use these troops to take it out. If you are left with no troops and only needing a little more damage, this ends up very frustrating for you.
  4. Use the green arrows when you begin your attack instead of switching your troops in the Barracks. Tap on this and it allows you to change your army composition where you can see the base.
  5. Upgrade Battle Machine to Level 5: The Level 5 will unlock the Iron Hammer ability. This will gives a lot of potential and destructive power. . Three strikes will destroy any building, excluding higher level BHs.
  6. Place your archers/night witches/bombers/cannon carts with a few seconds of delay so they won't get splashed and have your attack ruined.

Defensive Strategies:

        Defensive Strategy
  1. Surround your base with full of walls which you have. This will funnel all ground troops around it and make it harder for your opponent to get the 2 star. This is the great strategy to avoid 3 stars.
  2. First make sure that, Every defense is covered by another defense. So if there is any dangerous for any defense then that will be cover by another base. Always keep your archer towers on long range because this helps you to cover your whole base.
  3. Make the holes somewhere so that you can put the spring traps and mines there. This will helpful when there is giants or hogs are coming. So that they can be destroy in bulk. After that all your defense will target other troops.
  4. Your base layout is your key point. Don't make any mistakes with your base layout.  Don't leave spaces for attackers to put their troops. Don't put your BH in the corner because attackers can put their troops there.
  5. Crushers, air bombs, Multi-Mortar, and Double Cannons should be upgraded before your Archer Towers and Cannons. Traps and walls should be upgraded last. This helps your base become better more quickly.

Make these things at Priority

Sometimes it not possible to update everything and we want to rush our base. So guys don't worry you can rush your base . Just make your some of the things at priority and it will be great offense as well as defense.

Upgrade your Army Camp to latest level:

Whenever you are upgrading your town hall to the next level, You are getting upgrades to almost for all items. Each Army Camp will boost your attacking power a lot and give you a huge advantage in Versus Battles, so make sure to have as many of them complete as available. Then you are getting confused which one should i update first, So without wasting time first focus on updating army camps. As army camps will increase the capacity of army which you are using to do the attack on someone.

Collect more from Mines & Collectors

For upgrading the minors and collectors to their latest levels is easy for u because it's not needed too much resources to upgrade. Mines & Collectors are cheap and fast to upgrade. Every new level will gives you upto 37k Gold or Elixir daily.

LOW: Clock Tower & Gem Mine Upgrade

It takes up to 68 days until a new level of Clock Tower returns the investment in time & resources. So this is nothing you should focus on early at a new Builder Hall Level. The same for the Gem Mine, the additional little amount of more Gems you get is simply not worth it. By the way, if you always collect the Gems from your Gem Mine when available, you will lose a lot of Gems. So if your Gem Mine did produce for let’s say 15 hours, so (if it’s lvl 1) it generated 1.3 Gems but you will collect only 1 gem from it. In this case the production got reset and you wasted 0.3 Gems (every day!) which will add up.

Defense Upgrade

The peoples those who are rush their base they can also focus on this subject. So that they can know for which defense we should give priority to update. I always follow the basic rule to upgrade my base. Eg. Suppose if there is an option for me to upgrade in between Cannon or Tesla/Archer Tower then i will give priority to Tesla and archer tower as they can able to attack in air and ground also. But by using Cannon we can only attack in ground. Here's is my priority:
  1. Archer Tower
  2. Hidden Tesla
  3. Roaster
  4. Cannon / Firecracker
  5. Double Cannon
  6. Giant Cannon / Air Bombs / Mega Tesla / Mortar
  7. Traps

Troop Upgrades

Always make habit to update supporting troop first. As like for me in air attack i always upgrade my dragons and balloons. For Ground attack Giants, pekka and wizard. The same with Minions as they work With Drop Ships, Night Witches or Baby Dragons. Anyone has their own strategy to upgrade the troops. At town hall 10 above we are start upgrading new troops rather than old.

So, That’s it guys! I hope you will like these MODs! Don’t forget to Share this Post with your friends to help them out to get the Unlimited Fun!

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